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Kortrijk District Belgium West Flanders

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Kortrijk District Belgium

Be sure to make time to include these in your trip.


*FAS-expo (Flanders Aviation Society)

Kortrijk District Belgium

This permanent exhibition is located in the former hospital bunker. It was built by the Germans during World War II. It introduces more than 85 years of aviation history, from the old biplane to the sophisticated F-16.  Some of the items on exhibit are materials, tools and motors. You will visit the facilities of the airport terminal building and a control tower. Discover the fascinating world of space. Models of the V2 to the Space Shuttle. Also enjoy an audiovisual presentation of the organization of an airport.

The museum leads the tour with an installation dedicated to Manfred von Richthofen, better known as the Red Baron, whose squadron was based at Wevelgem during the First World War. The cockpits and ejector seats out of combat planes from the Second World War and later decades, are especially popular attractions. There is also a flight academy on site.You will either need to call ahead and try to tour with another group equal to 20 people, or make arrangements for a group that large to see it. Information provided:




*Bockor Brewery

Kortrijk District Belgium Bellegem-Bockor Brewery-Omer

Influenced by the new “Pilsner Type” from Czechoslovakia, the brewery develops its own type of pils under the name “Ghinst Pils”. In 1938 “Ghinst Pils” changes to the name “Bockor”: a contraction of the German word “Bock” and the French word “or”: the golden pint was born, the name ‘Brouwerijen Omer Vanderghinste’ changed in 1977 into Brouwerij Bockor.Beers-

Top-fermentation-OMER. Traditional Blond , Bellegems Witbier, Brasserie LeFort ,Tripel LeFort

Bottom fermentation-Bockor, Blauw
Spontaneous fermentation-Cuvée des Jacobins, Gueuze Jacobins, Kriek Des Jacobins, Kriek Max, Rosé Max

Mixed fermentation-VanderGhinste Rood Bruin
Visits are possible from Monday – Saturday at 10 AM or 2 PM. The visit takes about 2h30min. (2h on Saturday) and contains an introduction by the guide, a tour around the brewery with a visit of the brewery tower, a tasting of 3 beers in the cozy pub, and a gift bag. At least 15 people (maximum 25 per group). If your group is too small, check if you can join another group that has already booked, you can join by 2s till the group gets to 25. Book your tour via their website. Reknowned for Bockor pils, Omer (that won a gold medal in the European Beer Awards in 2009 and a gold medal in the World Beer Cup in Chicago in 2010).



*Preetjes Mill

Belgium-West Flanders-Kortrijk Area-Heule-Preetjes Mill

The only surviving windmill for flax scutching in Europe. Scutching is a step in the processing of cotton or the dressing of flax in preparation for spinning. The scutching process separates the impurities from the raw material, such as the seeds from raw cotton or the straw and woody stem from flax fibers.




*De Brabandere Brewery

Belgium-West Flanders-Kortrijk Area-Bavikhove-Brabandere Brewery

The De Brabandere brewery swears by their traditional brewing processes. They are always looking to improve their products yet maintain their reputation among beer connoisseurs and beer lovers. Beers include Bavik Super Pils, Petrus Tradition, Petrus Sours –now available in the UK as of June 2016., Wittekerke, Kwaremont, Eaumega, Skoon Vallei.  They also have Eaumega water and Eaumega Fruit water. They use real aroma hops and pure water from their own natural source. . A group visit is possible upon reservation.


Find other breweries at

Hop On the Brewery Trail”.



*Sint Rita Church

St. Rita Church

While in town, you might want to look at this church designed by architects Léon Stynen & Paul Demeyer. It is an example of ‘subtle brutalism’.



In the region there are lots of hiking and cycling trails, and quite some nature. We will only mention 2 nature reservations here, but there are many tohers to find, amongst others on this page of Natuurpunt.

* De Wilgenhoek

In Deerlijk you can make a walk in what probably is the smallest nature reservation in Western Europe. it’s in the middle of a residential area. Because of the moisture content of the soil, it was impossible to built houses here.
It’s freely accessible, but you have to remain on the paths. There are two ponds, which attract a lot of salamanders, and during spring, a lot of frogs and toads come here to lay their eggs.

*De Gavers

In Harelbeke you have “De Gavers”. It s a recreational green domain (187 ha/ 0.72 square miles) with a large pond ( 57 ha/ 140 acres). Silent waterbound recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, surfing, sailing, …it s all possible here.



*Verhaeghe Brewery

Kortrijk District Belgium Vichte-Verhaeghe Brewery
Belgium-West Flanders-Kortrijk District-Vichte-Verhaeghe Brewery

It was founded as a brewery-malterie by Paul Verhaeghe in 1885. Showing an early propensity for business, the brewery quickly capitalized on the railway that ran between Vichte and Brussels to sell their beer. As requested by the government they halted production during WWI, and were dismantled by the Germans for refusing to re-open.  After the war they were forced to buy new equipment and adapt their beers to new trends.  Those methods are still used today. One of their most popular beers is the (Duchess of Burgundy.)



*Jukebox Museum

Kortrijk District Belgium Menen Jukebox Museum
Jukebox Museum-Kortrijk District-Menen (http://jessfm.be/jfm/?p=2101)

The museum has a multitude of jukeboxes (some very rare) from the 1946-1964 eras.  Close your eyes and sway to the music, allow yourself to be taken back in time.



*De Bouvrie (Deer farm)

Kortrijk District Belgium-Deer FarmVisit a special farm in Bossuit. There are red deer and ‘blonde d’aquiaine’ cattle breed. A group visit is possible and consists of the history of the farm, guided tour of the deer and cattle and a tasting of meats and a beverage. There is also a place to purchase the farm products.




*Sint-Hilarius (St. Hilary) Church –Heilige Doorn (Holy Thorn)

Kortrijk District Belgium Wevelgem-St. Hillary Church-The Holy Thorn of Jesus Christ
Wevelgem-St. Hillary Church-The Holy Thorn of Jesus Christ

Has a Holy thorn from the crown of Jesus Christ on display. It is thought of as a remedy for headaches.



*Regional Archaeological Museum of Scheldt Valley (RAMS)

Kortrijk District Belgium Scheldevallei Archeology Museum-
Scheldevallei Archeology Museum- Kortrijk District

In the Regional Archaeological Museum of Scheldt Valley in Waarmaarde you will get an overview of the settlement history of the West-Flemish Scheldt Valley. The Palaeolithic, Neolithic, the Bronze Age, Iron Age, the Roman period and the Merovingian times all come to bid. All artifacts are local.



*Flanders Field American Cemetery

Kortrijk District Belgium Waregem WWI Cemetery-
Waregem WWI Cemetery-Kortrijk District

The only military cemetery for American soldiers of WW I in Belgium can be found in Waregem. The soldiers buried there died during the battle of the Scheldt, around 1 November 1918. The Flanders Field American Cemetery was designed by the American architect Paul P. Cret from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


If WWI is a great interest for you.  Visit our WWI Page here.

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