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Belgium Breweries

Brewery-Kortrijk District is part of our series of featured breweries “Hop On The Brewery Trail”. The breweries are grouped together by region and area.   “Cheers!” 

Kortrijk District Breweries


Kortrijk District Breweries

Brewery-Kortrijk Goedendag

*Toye Goedendag 

It’s a great story. The owner/brewer worked in local breweries for 3 years collecting and purchasing scrap metal. He took a welding class and then built his own brewery.

His brewery is featured in this clip, along with a few other breweries.


 Kortrijk District Breweries Hugel Brewery
Brewery-Kortrijk Hugel (www.belgianbeerboard.com)

“Blessed are those that sin.” In the Christian Bible, you will discover the 7 original deadly sins- pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger and sloth. The Hugel brewery prides itself on using ancient tales as a basis for their beers. The complete set of 7 beers will be completed in 2020. They currently have Luxuria (lust), Gula(gluttony), Invidia (envy) and Superbia (pride) available. In November of 2015 the Invidia beer won a gold medal at the internationally renowned Brussels Beer Challenge. They have another beer related to sin, ‘Original Sin’.




Kortrijk District Breweries Eutropius
Eutropius (bravewords.com)


A brewery where friendship and passion for beer are the most important pillars. This brewery is specialized in brewing beer for third parties. They help every customer with the brewing process and bottling and  packing of their beer. Above the brewery you will find the ‘tasting attic’, only open after reservation and for groups from 10 persons and more. You can taste: Oscar blonde/brown, Remembrance 14-18, Vinkenier en St.-Tabarnak (see picture, it is a beer brewed by the Canadian metal band Kataklysm.)


*De Brabandere Brewery

Kortrijk District Breweries Brabandere brewery

The De Brabandere brewery swears by their traditional brewing processes and they use water from their own source. They are always looking to improve their products yet maintain their reputation among beer connoisseurs and beer lovers.

Beers include Bavik Super Pils, Petrus Tradition, Petrus Sours –now available in the UK as of June 2016, Wittekerke and Kwaremont. They also have water (Eaumega) and wine (La Bonne Vallée- red, white and rose).



 Stasegem (Kuurne)

Kortrijk District Breweries Demeester brewery

*De Meester Brewery

A family brewery since 2014.  They use hop flowers from a nearby town (Poperinge), and use no color pigments, nor foam improvers, and no artificial seasonings.  Beers include Meesterke (Teacher), Kuumaarke, Dul Meesterke (Mad Teacher),Meester Dubbel, Meester Tripel, and Meester Quadrupel.


*’t Gaverhopke 

Kortrijk District Breweries Gaverhopke_brewery
Gaverhopke (www.barrelbackers.com)

They offer tasting and touring on Saturday and Sunday starting at 3 pm. They also offer a playground and bouncy castle for the kids. You can enjoy sandwiches and ice cream, along with other local products.
Some of the beers: Bitter Sweet Symphony, Zingende Blondine (Singing Blonde), Bruintje, Stasegemse Loper, ‘t Gaverhopke Kriek, Brandinghopke en Den 12 (The 12 – referring to the alcohol percentage).



Kortrijk District Breweries Brouwers Verzet (Brewers Resistance)-Waregem
Brouwers Verzet (Brewers Resistance)-Waregem


*Brouwers Verzet (Brewers Resistance)

Ran by three young guys that went to brewery school in Ghent. They are currently building their own brewery, after other breweries graciously allowed them use of their facilities. Moose Blues is one of their beers. It is a dark beer. The name refers to a Canadian ingredient used in the process of the beer. It has hints of chocolate and red fruits in its flavor.      Website

Moen (Zwevegem)


Kortrijk District Breweries Alvinne


Managed by a team of 3 men, each responsible for a certain aspect of the process. They are unique from other breweries by using their own yeast. Morpheus Yeast created in France, is responsible for their unique beers. This yeast gives, amongst others, the special beers: Mad Tom, Mano Negra,  Land van Mortagne, Cuvee Freddy and Cuvee Sophie.



Kortrijk District Breweries Omer Vander Ghinste Brewery-Bellegem
Omer Vander Ghinste -Bellegem


Influenced by the new “Pilsener Type” from Czechoslovakia, the brewery develops its own type of pils under the name “Ghinst Pils”. In 1938 “Ghinst Pils” changes to the name “Bockor”. It’s a contraction of the German word “Bock” and the French word “or”. The name ‘Brouwerijen Omer Vanderghinste’ changed in 1977 into Brouwerij Bockor. Their most famous beers are: Bockor, Omer ( Gold medal European beer awards 2009 and Gold medal World Beer Awards 2010), Jacobins (Cuvee, Gueuze, Kriek), Kriek Max and Rosé Max.

Visits are possible from Monday – Saturday at 10 AM or 2 PM. The visit takes about 2h 30min. (2h on Saturday) and contains an introduction by the guide, a tour around the brewery with a visit of the brewery tower, a tasting of 3 beers in the cozy pub, and a gift bag. At least 15 people (maximum 25 per group). If your group is too small, check with the brewery, maybe you can join another group that has already booked.  You can join by 2’s, till the group gets to 25. Book your tour via their website.




Kortrijk District Breweries brouwerij-verhaeghe
Verjaeghe (www.trollekelder.be)

It was founded as a brewery-malterie by Paul Verhaeghe in 1885. Showing an early propensity for business, the brewery quickly capitalized on the railway that ran between Vichte and Brussels to sell their beer. As requested by the government they halted production during WWI, and were dismantled by the Germans for refusing to re-open. After the war they were forced to buy new equipment and adapt their beers to new trends. Those methods are still used today. Beers:Duchesse de Bourgogne, Echt Kriekenbier, Barbe d’Or, Vichtenaar, Verhaeghe Pils, Cambrinus, Christmas Verhaeghe




*Gulden Spoor

Kortrijk District Breweries
Gulden Spoor (www.toogpraat.be)

The brewery is located in the courtyard of a former farm that dates back to 1552. Back in the 16th century the farm was the property of Guldenberg Abbey in Wevelgem, which no longer exists. The site of the brewery used to be a coaching inn (a place to exchange horses) on the main road between Kortrijk and Roeselare. The restaurant’s name t’ Rusteel refers to a local dialect term for the trough, thus coming full circle to the former coaching inn.

Beers:Gulden Spoor blond, Gulden Spoor tripel, Gulden Spoor double, Gulden Spoor quadruple, Gulden Spoor red ale, Gulden Spoor ipa, Netebuk.
Netebuk is named after the flying goat from the famous legend. After visiting pubs the drunk men claimed the goat always flew them home. Of course, this rarely happened without a struggle. Like the animal, let their beers take you on an unpredictable and memorable voyage.

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