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Roeselare, Belgium is one of eight Providences in West Flanders. Roeselare is derived from two Germanic words,  “reed” and “open space”.  Traces of early dwellings, including prehistoric flint tools, Gallo-Roman wells, and a small 9th century Frankish building have been found.


The first mention of Roslar dates from 821 or 822.  The city received its charter of freedoms in the mid-13th century. They also built the first city hall and belfry during this time. The manufacturing of cloth was the main driver of the local economy. Unfortunately, the few defensive walls the city had, were no match against the forces of Maximilian of Austria, who destroyed the city at the end of the 15th century. The market hall and Saint Michael church were rebuilt in the year 1500 Roeselare, Belgium.

The orthodromic distance line is the shortest distance between two points on the surface of a sphere, measured along the surface of the sphere.  Saint Michael’s Church is located on the same orthodromic distance line as the Jubiläumssäule column of the Schlossplatz in Stuttgart (Germany), the Kokino Observatory (Republic of Macedonia,) and the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The Cross of Lorraine was granted by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, as the coat of arms for Roeselare. The same emblem also dons their city flag.Reselare (Foto van Kristof Pattyn) Roeselare, Belgium


The founder of Roeselare, Rolarius. – head of the family – his wife Carlotta and son Opsinjoorke, as well as several other relatives, are unique to Roeselare. They appear at festivities and carnivals, dancing to the beat of the giants’ song.

 Roeselare, Belgium

 Roeselare, Belgium

Roeselare also houses some folklore around the character named Peegie (the little Pee). Peegie is a merchant, based on a man with dwarfism that once lived in Roeselare. As people fell in love with the stories from William Denys, Peegie’s character came to represent the character of the town of Roeselare.

Roeselare, Belgium kleinsemenarie roeselare (

*Little Seminary (Klein Seminarie)

The seminary celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2006. The only site in Belgium with 200 years of uninterrupted teaching. Still used today. Augustinian fathers of Ghent established the seminary in 1635. They founded a monastery and a school.



*St. Michiel’s Church/*Bell Tower Museum

After climbing 12 floors of stairs, the tower rewards you Roeselare, Belgium St. Michielskerk ( a nice panoramic view of the city. During the ascent you will discover the automatic chime system and the clock mechanism. In the drum room you can even test your skills on a carillon keyboard. The keyboard connects a series of clocks. The clocks connect to the playing drum. No worries if you have no musical talent.  The colored dots on the keyboard, correspond to dots on the music sheets. No one can hear you outside the tower, Why not play a tune? Website

MuseumsRoeselare, Belgium Wieler Museum (

*Cycling Museum (Wielermuseum)

The video below gives a brief glimpse of the artist and his “cross of cycles” exhibit ‘Koers is Religie’ (Cycling is religion). The bike museum focuses on local well-known cyclists, routes and garments.


*Miummm – Flanders House of Food

Roeselare, Belgium MiuuumMiummm – Flanders’ House of Food – is a unique interactive science and experience center in Flanders, where you learn all about nutrition “from farm to fork”.

Go through all stages of the food production chain in a playful and interactive way. Discover how smells, colors and textures can shape or change your taste experience, put all of your senses to the test! Experience what physical efforts equal eating one slice of bread, and exactly how extensive your knowledge is about “healthy diets”. Follow in the footsteps of the modern farmer, or beat each other with the auction clock game.


Team Building Activity

*City Golf



Golfing in the city center takes you along interesting places downtown.  It’s a fun way to learn Roeselare through a unique venue. Golf Experience is not necessary. Takes place @ 14:00 daily for €20 a person.  Make reservations through the tourism website at least 3 weeks before your visit.


You can also make reservations for guided walks of the city (through the same website), based on your interests.


Recreational Drinking Venues

*Rodenbach Brewery

Belgium-West Flanders-Roeselare-Rodenbach
Belgium-West Flanders-Roeselare-Rodenbach

Pedro Rodenbach, with his wife Regina Wauters, founded the brewery in 1836. However, it is Eugène Rodenbach, you can thank for its unique quality. See the world-renowned cask halls with 294 oak casks. Some casks are 150 years old, and protected as part of the heritage of the Flemish Community. If you want an English language tour, or have a large group, it is best to make an appointment via the website.

Although not available for tours, stop by the Rodenbach Castle across the street, for some nice pictures.

*The Bull




Even though we don’t promote businesses, we do promote uniqueness. At the whiskey shop and bar, there are 2000 different whiskeys. There are more than 700 bottles that can be tasted. Apart from the enormous collection of whiskey, the Bull also offers over 100 different gins and tonics. The Bull offers American Pool on 11 tables.


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