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Belgium Breweries

Welcome to Roeselare District Breweries. It features Rodenbach, Van Honsebrouck Brewery and D’ Oude Maalderij. Enjoy reading about beer, meals, tours and family.


*Rodenbach Brewery

 Roeselare District Breweries
Belgium-West Flanders-Roeselare-Rodenbach

Our first brewery-Roeselare District, was started in 1836. Pedro Rodenbach, with his wife Regina Wauters, founded the brewery. However, it is Eugène Rodenbach, you can thank for its unique quality. See the world-renowned cask halls with 294 oak casks. Some casks are 150 years old, and protected as part of the heritage of the Flemish Community.

Although not available for tours, stop by the Rodenbach Castle across the street, for some nice pictures.

Emelgem (Izegem)

*Brewery Van Honsebrouck

 Roeselare District Breweries
Van Honsebrouck

The Van Honsebrouck brewery, is a seven generation company founded in 1811. Their Kasteelbieren (“Castle beers”) might be their most popular ones.
Here is a list of some of their beers:
– Kasteelbier: Blond, Rouge, Dark, Tripel and Hoppy.
– Bacchus: Flemish red/brown beer.
– Brigand: blond, bitter dry.
– St. Louis: fruity beers, like cherry, gueuze, peach and raspberry beer

A guide with experience leads the  brewery tour. The tour is supported with head sets in Dutch, French, German, English and Spanish. There are videos throughout the production area. The tour includes the brew hall, the bottling plant, the barrel rooms and the “foeder” (wooden barrels set on end and used for long term fermentation) hall. Your tour lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes. It concludes with 2 tastings of their beers. Extend your visit with a meal at their café and a visit to their gift shop. They opened their new location in 2016.




Roeselare District Breweries Van Honsebrouck
Belgium-West Flanders-Kortrijk Area-Ingelmunster-D’ Old Grain Mill Brewery-Leviathan/The Kraken

*Brew Company-D’ Old Grain Mill/D’ Oude Maalderij

Once housed in an old mill, the quest to create  great new beer continues. Although they started brewing in 2011, their tasting room didn’t open until 2015. Their new brewery opened in 2016.
A list of their beers:

Qantelaar, Orator, Qantelaar Oak Aged, Hop The Brewer, Deo, Optimo, Maximo, Leviathan, Kraken, and Farang. The Leviathan and the Kraken were originally brewed at a competitor’s brewery. They were created from the same batch and split into 2 halves, On their labels, there is a battle, that starts on one beer and finishes on the other.



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