Europe-BelgiumBelgium is a country in Western Europe, known for its chocolate, French fries (invented by Belgians) and beer. Also Bruges, the Venice of the North, is located in Belgium. And It houses the international headquarters of the European Union and NATO.

Capital: Brussels
Population: 11.2 million (2013) World Bank
King: Philippe of Belgium
Official languages: Dutch, French and German.
Neighboring countries:
France, Netherlands, Germany, Luxembourg.

Link for weather in Belgium:

The country is divided into 2 distinctive regions: Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north and French-speaking Wallonia to the south. The capital region of Brussels is bilingual (French and Dutch). There is a small part on the eastern side of the country that is German-speaking. So there are 3 official languages. This video will help explain their politics (much better than we could). It explains the complex political system. After viewing it you will have a better understanding of the country and its complexity. Tiny doesn’t always mean simple, apparently.

Belgium Languages


There are several ways of transport to see the country. You can easily get around by car, bus, tram or by train.
Info on bus/tram/subway schedules.
Also, cycling is very popular. There is a complete network of cycling, as well as walking trails. This allows you to compose a route along the things you would like to visit.
There are 3  international airports:
The national airport in Brussels
Ostend airport
Charleroi airport

While we don’t concentrate our information on places to stay, we do recommend checking out hostels, camping and B&B’s as alternatives to hotels for lodging.
*Always check websites before your trip, to see if their guided tours or information panels include the English language.*

Since beer is so important to the Belgians, there are lots of breweries. We are going to list a lot of them, per region, in our ‘Hop on the brewery trail’.


There are 10 provinces, click on each one for more info.

Belgium Provinces
Belgium Provinces
  • West-Flanders
  • East-Flanders
  • Flemish Brabant
  • Walloon-Brabant
  • Limburg
  • Hainaut
  • Antwerp
  • Liège
  • Luxembourg (not the country, there is a province in Belgium called Luxembourg as well).
  • Namur.